Five Fitness Gadgets That Help You Lose Weight

Thanks to modern technology, there are some cool fitness gadgets that you can use to help with losing weight.

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This article explores five of the best fitness gadgets that are sure to help to lose weight.

Activity Trackers

Many of the cool fitness gadgets designed to help with losing weight are digital activity trackers. Examples are Fitbit, the Spark Activity Tracker, and Jawbone Up. These monitors have basically the same features. They count steps. They track distance. They count calories consumed. New improvements on activity trackers include longer battery life, so there is less frequent recharging, and waterproof cases that extend the life of the monitoring device. Some have added a heart rate monitor. Moreover, trackers that fit inconspicuously into your pocket are becoming increasingly popular—especially with men.

Wearable fitness devices aren’t likely to disappear in the near future. Companies like Polar, Garmin, Adidas and Magellan are busy working on new gadgets designed to help fitness enthusiasts train smarter. Homedics has designed an activity tracker that measures blood pressure continuously during the activity. Companies are designing multi-purpose activity trackers and activity trackers for specific activities like running. They are among the popular gadgets for women. There are even activity trackers for your pets now.

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Fitness Games and Gadgets

Childhood obesity coupled with inactivity has created a North American problem of crisis proportions. It was inevitable that someone would create cool fitness gadgets for kids to help with weight loss. The trick is to make exercise for kids seem like a fun activity like Zamzee. At an affordable cost of less than thirty dollars, Zamzee is both an activity tracker and a fitness program designed especially for kids. Zamzee capitalizes on kids’ passion for two things: gadgets and gaming. Zamzee makes it fun and rewarding for kids to increase their level of activity doing things they enjoy. Kids can earn real rewards for increasing their activity. Rewards are based on their starting level so they are competing with themselves. Zamzee is not based on a predetermined entry level of fitness, so everyone can earn rewards. Zamzee activity trackers are available in a variety of fun prints and hues. They have already been proven to be effective. Kids in the test group increased their activity levels an average of almost 60%.

Smart Run Watches, Apps

Adidas Smart Run watch tracks your distance, steps, and calories consumed. What makes this one of the best fitness gadgets is Smart Run’s ability to track heart rate from the wrist. Smart Run watch uses a sensor on the underside of the watch instead an irritating and dorky looking chest strap. The Smart Run watch has a touchscreen, music streaming and audible coaching tips which transmit to your Bluetooth-enabled headphones. Strength-training animations play right on the wearer’s wrist. The data syncs wirelessly to the computer, smart phone or tablet.

Nike Fuel Band

Another cool fitness gadget is Nike’s the newest version, Fuelband SE. This will help you to lose weight as it includes new features aside from more color options. The FuelBand SE, which retails at $149, tracks calories, steps, and Nike Fuel points. The newest model also tracks sleep. It improves data on calories burned. Fuel point accuracy allows you to log different types of workout sessions. The FuelBand SE automatically syncs data with the iPhone app. No uploading of data is required. Unfortunately, the FuelBand SE is not yet compatible with Android devices.

Hapi Fork

Hapifork is one of the popular fitness gadgets for women who have declared to a partner or a friend that they want to be more aware of their eating habits. With this gadget, they will be able to track what, how much and how fast they are eating, so they can better set and sustain their weight loss goals. It retails for a hundred dollars. Here’s how it works: The fork tracks how long it takes to eat a meal and gives a reading of forkfuls per minute. It vibrates and lights to tell the user if she is eating too fast. I wouldn’t recommend this as a gift to someone who needs to lose weight but has not expressed an interest to do so.

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