Guide to Back Pain Exercises

A sore back can be excruciatingly painful and can quickly decrease your quality of life. When it comes to back pain, one of the best ways to manage the discomfort is to exercise. Many people don’t realize how beneficial exercise can really be, usually because they believe that physical exercise will exacerbate the pain.

The truth, though, is that regular physical fitness can strengthen the back muscles and loosen the joints and ligaments, which can bring tremendous relief to people suffering from back pain. However, it is important to know which back pain exercises are the best because you don’t want to do any excessively strenuous physical activity.

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Here is your ultimate guide to back pain exercises.

  1. Core crunches.One of the best exercises for lower back pain is a simple core crunch. Your core is the area around the midsection of your body, including the muscles in your stomach and lower back. Doing a core crunch is easy and won’t cause you back pain. All you need to do is lie on your back and lift both of your knees. You should then put your hands behind your head and lift up. You will know that the exercise is working when you feel the burn in your stomach muscles.
  1. Complete sit-ups. This is another exercise that will work out your core and lower back. Like a crunch, this exercise is done while lying on your back, but instead of doing a partial crunch, you need to fully lift up the top of your body, leaving your knees bent and your feet on the ground. By doing a few repetitions of this exercise, you can strengthen your back muscles and reduce the tension building up in your core.
  1. Hamstring stretch. This exercise is more of a stretch than a typical exercise, but it can work wonders for your lower back and leg muscles. All you need to do is get on your back. After that, try and lift one foot in the air while keeping your leg completely straight in order to feel the resistance. Once you have your leg in this position, you can release. By doing this a few times with each leg, your back will feel amazing.
  1. Wall sit-ups. A wall sit-up is a great exercise for lower back pain. With this exercise, you need to lean your back flat against a wall. Ideally, the wall should be flat with nothing protruding from it. Once you have your back firmly against the wall, slide down until your knees are bent – almost like you are sitting without a chair. In this position, you will feel a slight burn, but that is how you know it’s working. Make sure to stay in this position for several seconds and then release.
  1. Back extensions. This exercise is not for everyone. You can try out this exercise by getting on the floor on all fours. You’ll then want to lie flat and lift up the upper portion of your body with your hands– almost like a seal. This will effectively help stretch out your back and provide relief from muscles and ligaments that are too tight. However, you need to be careful when doing this exercise because it can sometimes be too painful if you have advanced back pain.
  1. The bird dog. This is a great exercise for anyone with a bad back because not only does it strengthen the back muscles, but it also stretches them. With this exercise, simply get on all fours and place one arm straight in front of you while lifting up the opposite leg. While you’re doing this exercise, you need to keep your hips elevated. Hold this position for five seconds and then switch to the other leg and arm. For optimum results, do five or six repetitions of this exercise.
  1. Pelvic lifts. This is a simple exercise that doesn’t put too much strain or impact on the back. All you have to do is get on your back and, with your arms planted on the floor, slowly lift up your pelvis and hold the position. If you can hold for five seconds at a time, a few repetitions of this exercise will make you feel great. Make sure, though, that you are on a hard surface when you do this exercise in order to obtain the best results.
  1. Weight lifts. There are many ways to incorporate lifting weights into your back pain exercise regime. For instance, you could get on all fours and lift weights to your chest, switching off repetitions between arms. Another option is to lie on your back, let the weights fall at your side, then lift them back up again. Using weights will strengthen your back so that standing and sitting upright are not as painful.

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Doing exercises for the sake of your back pain can be incredibly beneficial and comforting. If you are experiencing discomfort and pain in your back, it is highly recommended to talk to your doctor about whether or not you should be exercising, but there is a strong chance that your physician will recommend it. Additionally, if you want to get the most out of your physical fitness regime, you can also work with a personal trainer or a physical therapist. In the end, when you have back pain, it’s much better to be active than sedentary.

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