How to Avoid Lower Back Pain after Sleeping

Do you suffer from lower back pain after sleeping on your flat mattress?

If so, you might be waking up stiff, sore or worse – in pain. Sadly, you’re not alone.  Many people report waking up with morning stiffness and lower back pain after sleeping on a conventional, flat mattress.

Sometimes the pain and stiffness is caused by an old, worn out mattress.  But more often than not, it’s something else.  Whatever the cause of your low back pain, you need to sleep fully supported in a way that minimizes pressure on the painful area.  Without support, your back may become strained and cause you to be in pain throughout the night.

To say the least, lower back pain can be very uncomfortable. It can make you wake up in a rotten mood because you’re uncomfortable or in pain.  That’s no way to start the day.

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If you experience back pain from sleeping unsupported in the wrong position, you may want to try a more comfortable, relaxing way of sleeping that allows you to minimize pressure on the painful area in your back. With an adjustable bed, you can raise the head of the bed until you find the perfect position to take the pressure off of the painful area, which may provide you with temporary relief from lower back pain. When you spend an entire night sleeping in a comfortable position, you may find that mornings are less painful and that you’re in a much better mood.

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If you experience lower back pain from sleeping, or from lying uncomfortably on the sofa while watching TV, you know that the pain can sometimes last for days.

No matter how well you prop yourself up with a variety of pillows, it can be difficult to find a good position to avoid back pain from sleeping. It’s almost impossible to find enough pillows and other padding to comfortably prop yourself up into a good position and they never seem to stay in place. Who wants to keep adjusting pillows every time they move the slightest bit?

Adjustable beds are ideal for finding temporary relief from lower back pain from sleeping because of the unique way that they allow users to customize their sleep experience. A simple touch of a button allows the user to adjust the bed a few degrees higher or lower at the head or foot to find a comfortable position that may help find temporary relief from low back pain.

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If you want to experience extraordinary full-body support while reading, writing, watching T.V. or most importantly, sleeping, you should consider the adjustable sleep experience from Easy Rest. Their adjustable mattresses are the best mattresses for lower back pain relief because of the unparalleled positional comfort it provides. Say goodbye to back pain from sleeping on a flat mattress and say hello to happy mornings once again.

The adjustable sleep experience from Easy Rest is one of the best ways to sleep with lower back pain. Easy Rest’s only focus is making adjustable beds and they have become a major manufacturer of adjustable beds in the United States.

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