Picking Out the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Are you waking up every morning more sore than when you went to sleep? Or worse – are you ‘hung over’ daily from pain medication that makes you drowsy? Maybe you don’t like the idea of being on pain medication day in and day out to help your aching back when all you really want to do is find the best mattress for low back pain? We’re here to show you that adjustable beds are the way to go for a drug-free and pain-free night’s sleep.

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Back pain is not only one of the most common reasons that people take time off work, it’s also the second most common reason for a visit to the doctor. With over 80% of people dealing with back pain at some point in their lives, it’s an easy fix to just take some medication to get rid of the pain. But, the downsides to this “solution” are huge—drug side effects, ongoing expenses, and trips to the doctors. Just having to remember to take a pill every few hours is at the least an inconvenience and at the most dangerous.

That’s why for many, one of the best solutions for back pain may be an adjustable mattress. And the best mattress for back pain is one that not only moves to fit your body’s position; it’s one that fits into your lifestyle.

If you’re like other back pain sufferers, you don’t want a hospital-looking bed just to get a good night’s sleep. You want an adjustable bed that looks like it belongs in your bedroom. One that, when it’s flat, looks just like any other standard bed. You’ll also want to eliminate the back pain that can be triggered by doing something as basic as changing the sheets. An adjustable mattress can be positioned so that you’re no longer struggling to get the sheets and covers tucked in just right.

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The most recommended way to relieve low back pain in bed is to stick a few pillows under the small of your back, and a few more under the backs of your knees. With an adjustable bed and mattress, you’re eliminating the need for half a dozen extra pillows that will more than likely move during the night. An adjustable bed can get your body into the correct position for a good night’s sleep – and stay that way! Not only that, it’s a great place to rest during the day, when you want to watch TV in bed, read a book or just spend some time on your laptop.

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