Five Tips to Avoid Back Pain as a Result of Yard Work

One of the best mattresses for back pain is an adjustable bed, but it might also help to know where the back pain is originating if you are seeking relief. Do you love to work in your yard and suffer from back pain as a result?  If so, there is a good chance that you not only need a new mattress for back pain, but you also need a few tips and tricks when it comes to gardening so that you don’t increase your chances of getting injured. Yes, learning how to sleep with back pain is one thing, but so is minimizing it by eliminating the source.

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Here are five tips to avoid back pain as a result of yard work.

  1. Keep plenty of water on standby. When you are gardening, staying hydrated is essential. Indeed, water is the miracle of life and if we don’t have it or if we don’t get enough of it, it can cause a number of health issues. If you are outside for hours working on your beautiful roses or hedges, it is critical to stay hydrated to reduce muscle cramping and spasms.
  2. Just like an old, flat mattress can cause lower back pain after sleeping, so can mowing the lawn. It is important to have the right posture when you mow the lawn so that your back wouldn’t be arched at a certain angle that could cause your muscles to tighten up. Also, make sure to keep the lawn mower handles close to your body to improve your posture.
  3. Just as you would use the most supportive mattress for back pain, you should also wear supportive shoes when you garden.  Of course you wouldn’t perform gardening duties in your high heels, but you shouldn’t garden in heavy boots or other shoes that don’t have the proper amount of support. If you get back pain while sleeping, chances are that both an adjustable bed and comfortable shoes for gardening or yard work will help you prevent or alleviate backache.
  4. Use a small chair when you weed. Weeding in the garden can be an exhausting experience, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. However, weeding can require a lot of pressure on your hands and knees, which can in turn cause unnecessary pressure on your back. Sit on a small chair or stool to support your back when weeding.
  5. Take breaks when you need them. Taking a break here and there is critical when you are doing yard work. If you have arthritis, you might notice that staying for a long time in one position can make getting out of that very position painful. So, make sure to stretch and let your joints loosen up once and a while. This will also allow you to add on another ten to twenty minutes of gardening time until you’ve had enough.

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